Patients need to keep track of their medical reports and they need meet surgeon accordingly. Lots of people don’t give priority to those things. When it comes to managing diabetes most of the patients fail to manage effectively When considering the doctor side they need to deal with a patient for a long time. So keep track of the patient is very important. Most of the times doctors diagnose diabetes through reports and symptoms.


The system what we developed help both doctor and patients to manage diabetes effectively and diagnose. Patients no need to keep hard copies of reports and prescriptions. They don’t need to go to meet doctor physically. Both doctors and patient can connect through this system.


diabetes is not curable patients need to take medications throughout there whole life. Managing diabetes is a lifelong commitment often requiring strategic thinking especially during a difficult time. If there is no proper diabetes management it causes too many complications. But many patients fail to manage properly diabetes. It happens because of so many reasons


Detailed Graph

Detailed timeline graph of blood sugar tests including also HBA1C, FBS, Serum creatinine and other useful data.

Analytical Charts

Summarize all your collected data in a visual way using easy to read charts and diagrams.

Lifestyle Suggestions

According to paitents current reports app provide lifestyle suggestions.

Manage Reports

When patient upload reports all the reports will be saved within the system. Patients and Doctors can refer the report whenever they needed.

Predict The Future

According to the patient's previous reports system will predict the patient' future status.

Consultation and Prescriptions

The patient can receive Doctors prescriptions and consultations without meeting the doctor.

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